Windows CE Tablet as a book reader: lessons learned

Dt375I’ve been following David Rothman’s "self-made" eBook reader for the past few weeks and thought now would be a good time to share his efforts. He has a number of posts regarding a Windows CE touchscreen tablet, the DT375, he bought used for $155; using the Win CE device with an 8.4-inch touchscreen and various eBook reader software, he’s made steady progress towards a very usable device.

Today, David provides a good summary on where prior Windows CE-based reading devices went wrong, and more importantly, he puts a call out Microsoft and the eReader folks on the need for industry standards. I completely agree with him on the standards concept: just like my digital audio purchases, I have eBook content in virtually every format for every platform simply because the content I want is spread among so many formats. DRM is part of the equation too and I begrudgingly accept that, but the format variances are holding back growth in the eBook industry.


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