SSD Drives and Hard Drives: Samsung’s high level comparison



Granted, I found this through a Samsung advertisement so it’s presumably biased towards their product, but it still provides a nice overview comparison between SSD drives and traditional hard drives. Every useful aspect is compared: from weight, transfer speeds, power requirements, even temperature tolerances. Just a quick and dirty primer on the differences for those who might have missed our prior SSD coverage. We have a 42 minute, hands on video from the Samsung Q1 SSD UMPC that James used for some time, but if you want the official numbers from Samsung, check the product page. Last I checked, these SSDs were generally still only available in 32 GB capacities for around $475; somebody ping me when we see ’em in a minimum of 64 GB at a reasonable price.



$475 for a 32GB? newegg is raising the prices on these. at first they were 488, then 529. now its probably going to be 600.

so i’ll ping you in 3 years.

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