SideShow eReader demoed

Ereader_sideshowWinHEC was obviously a great event with all the cool things that I’ve seen coming out of the conference.  I didn’t see these two SideShow devices until today and they might be the coolest thing coming out of the show yet.  First up is something that makes so much sense on so many levels that I can’t wait to see this.  The eReader SideShow is an electronic document reader that works using SideShow technology to communicate with a Vista computer.  The display is simple black text on a white background that has been optimized for document reading.  How useful that would be!

The second device is the MK140 eChatter, a portable communications device with a PDA-like slide-out keyboard that works with a Vista PC over SideShow.  It can be used for voice communications like a handset and for all types of messaging.  Let’s hope we see these devices start appearing soon.

(via SideShowDevices)


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