Dragon Naturally Speaking review- reco is ready


You know how I feel about speech recognition, I think it’s wonderful and underused on Tablet PCs and Vista PCs.  Once you use it for a few weeks it is uncanny how accurately it can recognize what you tell it.  As good as the Vista speech reco is (and it is quite good) the best speech solution on the market today is still Dragon Naturally Speaking 9.  Lamont Wood of ComputerWorld has written a good review from the viewpoint of an end user and he thinks speech reco is finally ready for prime time with DNS.

You decide what you are going to say. You say the words. They appear on the screen. You’re done.

It doesn’t get any easier than that.



btw- the typo I just saw in my comment was because I typed it. (Voice rec doesn’t work well when you lose your voice and forces you to write “old school”.) Had I dictated there would have been none!!


I used it on a Q1P and it ran amazingly well. The only trick is to use “max performance” as your power profile. This is especially true when installing because the software looks for a processor speed of 1ghz or more. (At leas that was my experience. I now use it on a Sony ux280P and it works like a charm at any power profile.

The other neat thing is that the dual array mike on the Q1 a great and eliminate the need for a headset. Even the single mile on the Sony does the job quite well.


But would DNS run well on a UMPC? Or would it choke on the slower processors and less RAM?

I’ve been interested in buying and using a UMPC with DNS for my work in the local hospital. We still have paper charts, and much of my time is spent (wasted) writing notes into the charts. Much of this info is redundant and I would love to speed up the process with voice recognition to print off a nice looking note for the chart.

Has anyone tried DNS on a UMPC or are all these reviews on desktops?


Amit Agarwal

The software absolutely rocks. I tried saying iPhone and DNS spelled that just perfect (it wrote the letter “i” in small case)

Have included a link to my video review in the URL.

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