Al Gore in desperate need of a Tablet PC



I have two words for Al Gore– Tablet PC.  I think that’s two words.  Al, go paperless, you’d save a small forest based on this photo.



Also looks like he needs a Village Tronic and some extras screens.


Yeah have you ever watched his movie all he uses is a Apple Power Book.

T Man

Well at least he is using three power sucking huge monitors with another big LCD TV in the back. I’d hate to see him save some electricity ;)

But until Steve decides that Apple should “innovate” and introduce an iTablet, no tablets for Al.


Yeah, instead of trying to draft him for President (he said “no thanks”, people), we should try to draft him for “tablet user”. He’s an Apple man. Maybe the Modbook guys should send him a trial unit.

Tax Man

He’s waiting on Apple to release a tablet PC. He’s not a Windows guy. This photo also explains why he’s not in the race for president yet. The form that he needs to fill out to run for president is on that desk somewhere! :)

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