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Time Inc.’s Moore: ‘Trust Me, There’s A Profitable Business Here’

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Speaking in New York Wednesday morning, Time Inc. CEO Ann Moore dismissed talks of a spin-off or sale; complained that the division was undervalued; once again offered up SI as a poster child (maybe we should say swimsuit model) for digital success; and suggested everyone needs to “stay calm.” For context, her comments, reported by AdAge, were made at a Magazine Publishers Association of America event.

Moore on SI and Time Inc. digital: She said revenue was “pretty much flat” for a decade at SI but is now growing. Digital contributed 5 percent in 2005, 13 percent inn 2006 and is projected to be 18 percent this year. No concrete details about People, other than it is is growing wildly draws more unique visitors than any other entertainment site except Time Warner sib AOL’S TMZ JV. Moore: “Trust me, there is a profitable business here.” (No mention in the story of whether it’s profitable enough to make up for displaced income.)

One Response to “Time Inc.’s Moore: ‘Trust Me, There’s A Profitable Business Here’”

  1. Where exactly will this profit come from? For years we have been hearing Moore tell us how successful Time is, but it repeatedly keeps loosing ground. They tried to get into digital in a big way by doing a deal with AOL, (BTW that's where their digital revenue is coming from, AOL pay's through nose), but the relationship never worked for either AOL or Time. They have had to shut down magazines and do not seem to have a clear concise digital strategy, (partnering with AOL is not a strategy). This highlights Bewkes inability to keep his store in order as he has cowtowed to Moore for years.