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Quotes From The Games And Mobile Forum

There’s quite a few stories around from the Games & Mobile Forum, although no long and coherent ones about mobile games (note that the forum is not about mobile games specifically). Still, there’s some interesting quotes in various articles:

DMW Media: “Synchronous games across platforms is the next big step for big media games, said Chris Petrovic, VP of Digital Media for Playboy. “To be able to play 1 game on 3 different screens, following you wherever you are” is the way to do it, he said. “You sign up on the web, play on your mobile, then in your living room.” Robert Nashak of Yahoo agreed and said that Yahoo had plans of that sort.

RCR News: During his keynote John Welch, president and CEO of Playfirst, said that consoles were on the way out and the hardware to play games will soon be free, included with the TV or set-top box. “Cellphones represent one of the most prevalent platforms available to the interactive gaming system he envisions, but Welch didn

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