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Bud TV: The Billy LamaSo much for the hype:, one of the most ambitious-yet-poorly-implemented brand forays into online content/video, may “fade away” by later this year, its parent Anheuser-Busch admitted yesterday. CEO Busch also said he expected content from Bud.TV to be used on other A-B branded websites, leaving several analysts listening in on a conference call to conclude that the reported $30 million to $40 million site would be left for dead, though the company didn’t make that clear, reports AdAge.
A statement from A-B VP-Global Media Tony Ponturo following this is even more unclear, as the story notes: “Its current structure might fade away as we learn more about consumer connectivity and building a social network. But we are eager to evolve Bud.TV as part of a broader digital future for our brands to reach today’s consumer.”
STLToday: “We thought we had a fantastic idea,” said Busch. “We put a Fort Knox entry system on the website to ensure that there would be nobody underage that could get into the website.” As a result, he said, “I can’t even figure out how to get into the website.” The site’s shows would be redeployed on A-B’s beer websites, Busch said.

One Response to “ May Close Down Later This Year”

  1. JoGirl

    I'm 36 years old, and was unable to get into the BudTV site, because apparently my name, DOB and zip code are not in whatever national database they use. (Gee, could it be because I emailed Experian a few years ago and asked them to remove me from their junkmail list?)

    It got to the point where BudTV was asking me for my home phone and driver's license number, which is when I bailed. They need my driver's license number? Really??

    It's absolutely ridiculous to think that anyone with two brain cells will be willing to provide their driver's license number to any web site in exchange for an opportunity to view humorous content that is not of any higher quality than much of what you can find on YouTube and iFilm (among countless others) with no age verification.

    I honestly hope that A-B loses so much money on this ill-conceived venture that nobody is ever foolish enough to make the same mistake again.