T-Mobile Wing, HTC Atlas review: Mobility Site

No matter which name you call it, the new T-Mobile Wing looks to be a solid Windows Mobile 6 smartphone. Chris Leckness has one of the first reviews and videos of the handset and if I didn’t like my Dash so much, I’d strongly consider the Wing, also known as the HTC Atlas. It keeps some attributes from the older MDA such as the 200 MHz processor and slideout keyboard, but gets a camera boost to 2 Megapixels and has the new Windows Mobile 6 Professional OS to boot. T-Mobile added a few addtional features for the Today screen as well. Under standard usage Chris was easily able to get a full day’s use from the 1130 mAh battery and still had a fair amount of juice left. WiFi, Bluetooth, EGDE and Quad-Band GSM round out the radio services; still no true 3G from T-Mobile, but as Chris says, you can’t blame the phone for that!