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Delicious Monster 2 Teasers

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Scott Stevenson of the venerable Theocacao, CocoaBlogs and CocoaDevCentral was given the go ahead from Wil Shipley to devulge some teasers of the upcoming (in October, along with Leopard) Delicious Library 2.

Delicious Library seems to be one of the elite applications for OS X that everyone talks about and loves. Its use of hardware and workflow make adding your media to a catalog and maintaining said catalog, not only easy, but fun. If you think I’m talking nonsense, give it a try for yourself. So logically the next iteration comes with much anticipation. Sadly, Wil has gone on record of announcing its release to go along with Leopard, which we all know has been delayed until October…

Ok, so on with the teasers.
Delicious Library was and is a hot ticket item, mostly it seems because of the fun factor of importing your library of DVDs, Books, Games, and CDs. But what then? You could sync the list to your iPod, and more usefully, check items out to friends (it’s saved me from losing several books and DVDs actually). Well version 2 aims to fix that. The tidbit we’ve been given is that at the very least it will have a smart way of uploading these catalogs to a webpage and keeping it updated. So I guess you can take on the likes of NetFlix if you so choose.

Of more interest to me, is the current gap between iTunes and Library. You see, Library is great for perusing your collection, while iTunes is responsible for playing it. Even though the addition of CoverFlow certainly enhances the browsability of iTunes, there’s more information to be had. Enter the next version of Delicious Library. As Scott puts it:

Delicious Library 2 has iTunes integration, and does it without trying to be an iTunes replacement.

If it were nothing more than the eye candy that we’ve come to expect from the likes of Delicious Monster, it would likley be worth it. But these little tidbits sure have me salivating at the forthcoming update.

5 Responses to “Delicious Monster 2 Teasers”

  1. secundat

    What does that mean, iTunes integration? That everything you have in your iTunes library is automatically pulled through the Delicious Library engine? I hope at least if they do that, they give the itunes stuff its own ‘shelf’ or folder.

  2. Scott H

    I’ve never understood all the fuss over Delicious Library. DVDPedia and the other pedias from looks less cartoony, is a TON more customizable, already can run movies directly from its full-screen interface, and is updated with new features every month or so. Plus, I’ve got over 1,400 titles in it, and it’s still fast even on my iBook G3. DL2 has a long way to go to catch up to the DVDPedia I’ve been using for over a year.

  3. The feature I hope will be there is support for large libraries. DL 1.x chokes hard on libraries with more then 1000 or so items. If DL 2.0 supports libraries with several thousand items and is zippy fast with them, I will be very happy!