Broadband Enterprises’ Digital Upfront


Last week, while the networks were announcing their fall lineup at their annual upfront presentations, a little-known but quite successful online advertising and production company called Broadband Enterprises (also known as BE; see Liz’s post about the company) held an upfront celebration of their own. The raison d’etre: BE’s 2007 slate of original programming.

BE is no stranger to producing original content. The company scored a hit with Cube Fabulous, a 7-minute per show comedy series about cubicle makeovers that debuted in May 2006 and racked up 100 million streams and $2.1 million in ad billings by December.

Flush from that success, BE is launching several new types of short form programming. Below, its four new originals:

  • Scuba Sun — CEO Matt Wasserlauf calls this drama about four New Yorkers who leave their day jobs to launch a scuba shop in the Caribbean “a combination of 90210, the OC and Baywatch.” The two-minute promo revealed on Thursday showed the requisite generic hotties, some good underwater camera work, and plenty of buff-bodied drama. I wouldn’t watch it, but your GF will.
  • Fantastic Two — a mockumentary starring William “The Fridge” Perry that follows the surreal world of fantasy sports. BE is definitely addressing a popular subject that hasn’t been explored by creatives. For their follow-up show I suggest something based on my favorite game from my college years: Fantasy Hook-Up. It’s more fun and nobody loses.
  • Hollywood Fast Track — Not much detail in the presentation, but it looked like Entertainment Tonight. According to BE, the show will concentrate on upcoming theatrical and DVD releases, interviews with Hollywood players and “behind the scenes” access.
  • Anatomy of a Socially Awkward Situation — Apparently made for all those teenage engineers doing the robot at Google Dance, this series features a faux social engineer who unpacks awkward situations and tells you how to correct them.

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