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Update: Sold Out: New York City Mixer on June 7, at Hilton NY

Sold out
UPDATED: Registration Open…last batch opens at 9 AM EST today and we’ll be full after that.

Registration Open: We invite you to our third NYC ContentNext Mixer of and readers June 7th evening, 2007, at the Hilton New York, at Rockefeller Center, in the Grand Ballroom. We'll have a great mix of people from big-media content companies, small and indie media/content providers, newspaper, entertainment, radio, television, mobile companies, technology/vendor companies, VCs, bankers, analysts, journalists, etc there, so be prepared for some lateral thinking while networking.

IMPORTANT: We opened up the first batch of registration last Thursday, and then will open again this morning, and the last batch tomorrow (Tuesday) morning, all at 9 AM EST. All of this will ensure that everyone has a fair chance of registering for our super-popular mixer, not just someone who happened to be up early this morning.

If you are interested in underwriting the best digital media mixer ever, please e-mail us at advertising AT If you have other suggestions, send me an e-mail at rali AT

Generous sponsors till now: Platinum: The Jordan, Edmiston Group