CBS does buy WallStrip


Now that’s one out of three rumored deals, but it does seem like a good start. CBS has indeed snapped up WallStrip, the iconic money show for single digit millions, reports Liz Gannes on NewTeeVee. Wallstrip star Lindsay Campbell, producers Adam Elend and Jeff Marks are now full-time employees of CBS, while founder Howard Lindzon, an investor by day, will continue to play a consulting role. (Read his side of the story.)

Both CBS and Wallstrip confirmed the deal, which was rumored last week, had been completed on Monday, though they said the reported price of $5 million was not correct….Wallstrip had raised $600,000 from a group of angel investors including venture capitalists Fred Wilson and Brad Feld, but still had much of that money in the bank, according to Lindzon. He said Campbell, Elend, and Marks all had equity stakes in the company.

Ironically, in our poll only 12% of 322 votes believed that CBS-Wallstrip deal was going to get done. In comparison, 41% think Google-Feedburner deal is going to get done. Nevertheless, the Wallstrip deal does put a price tag on these “talent” oriented buyouts.



Smart move! this is a great deal for cbs and congrats to the wallstrip team! this gets cbs rolling in this space for sure, wallstrip is on all the major financial sites, lindsey campbell is a big talent the writers etc are talented—great partnership!—this definitely has huge potential to leverage up!!!—Patrick Kerr, OilGasFutures.Com

Shawn Honnick

Smart move if only because Google occasionally displays Wallstrip at the bottom of Google Finance. I just KNEW this Internet thing would catch on some day! :)

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