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New Dimensions, Tensions & Players Add Complexity To Mobile Advertising

The raft of recent mobile advertising deals create buzz in the mobile space but they also create new challenges for companies up and down the value chain as they race to build (and dominate) mobile ad networks. Can the carriers call the shots? Or will mobile search companies run the show? No concrete answers yet, but Julie Ask at Jupiter Research (via RCRWireless) does a fair job of outlining the tensions and predicting some likely outcomes.

Will carriers control mobile ad campaigns and reap the profits? Ask’s take: “To what extent they will allow their inventory to be included in a broader ad network remains an open question that is a philosophical one in the near term and a business decision longer term.” In short, operators will control their inventory in the near term. They will surely do all they can to avoid the fate of ISPs that lost big-time to search engines. Ask argues that operators making the transformation to media companies (such as Amp’d) may benefit from made-for-mobile content (and the inventory it creates in the process)