Google And Salesforce Discussing An Alliance

There has been speculation of a deal in the last few months to this effect, but WSJ reports that Google and are discussing an alliance that could help them compete more effectively with Microsoft, meaning not a buyout but a tie-up deeper than the AdWords deal the two have now. The talks are still ongoing.

Last week, Jason Maynard, an analyst with Credit Suisse, came out with a report last week commenting on the speculation that Google may buy the sales CRM giant, but he said that was unlikely and a partnership might be in the works. “From a perspective…we think a closer link with Google is positive as it would minimize potential competition, fortify efforts against Microsoft (MSFT), and enhance the [] offering through better integration with Google online services,” he wrote.

The deal could be where a Web-based offering integrates some of Google’s online services such as eimail and IM with those of

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