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EA, O2, Sony Ericsson On Mobile Games has a piece on the Reuters media summit, focusing on games. On the mobile side, Gerhard Florin, EA’s international publishing head, said that the revenue prospects for mobile gaming depended largely on what sort of new players got involved: “They might not react to new hardware in the same way as the core gamers who go for bits and bytes and have to have the latest processor power,” he said.

Niche content: Peter Erskine, head of Telefonica’s non-Spanish European operations, O2 Europe, said: “We have had flirtations with games, but the revenue was always deeply niche.” Which surprised me, since mobile games are generally reported to be one of the larger revenue-generating forms of mobile content. Of course, mobile content itself is still fairy niche. Sony Ericsson President Miles Flint said there are still technical challenges for mobile games, including quality of graphics and network speeds. “You need to have the network latency issue fixed so you can create a compelling consumer experience – it is definitely there in our thinking.”