Geekapalooza #5 contest winner announced!


Jk_icon_100pixKevin_cartoonThere is no question the jkOnTheRun Geekapalooza #5 contest in celebration of our third birthday was a smashing success!  First of all, 3 years in blog years is like 100 years in the online world.  :)  We received over 100 entries to the contest, no doubt due to the cool, unique, and very jkOnTheRunish prize package of the Sony U71 and complete mobile kit.

Kevin and I are happy to announce the winner of the contest prize package- Ron Pendleton!  Ron was randomly selected from all the entries with the correct answers to the 10 questions we posed for the contest.  Ron will receive his uber-cool prize package as soon as he sends us his shipping information via email (click our contest heads in the right sidebar) including name, address, and phone number for the shipper.  Congratulations Ron and thanks to all who entered!  We love you guys.  :)  Stay tuned for Geekapalooza #6 which will be coming soon.


James Kendrick

Ok, this is devolving into a totally uncalled for, nasty situation. Trying to make Ron feel bad for winning when all he did was enter the contest like everyone else is the height of childishness. And to attack past winner because they’ve won is ridiculous. For that reason comments are now closed. Congratulations, we’ve only had to do that for 2 other posts in 3 years. Those of you involved should feel proud of yourselves.

Sorry Bruno, I just realized you were being facetious. Comments still stand closed though.


Yolanda, no doubt you will be accused of not being impartial, too – haven’t you won a Treo in a JKOnTheRun contest some time ago? Not fair! :-)


Un-be-lievable, what a sore loser! So Ron wrote his Birthday Story and this is why he should be disqualified. It is fine when someone ordinary wins, but when someone goes above and beyond, he is not allowed to win (even though his extra effort had no impact on it) because that is SUSPICIOUS. Conspiracy theory anyone?


Some of you are petty and poor sports. I hate to say that, but from the comments I have read, that is what I am left to believe.
The fact is this was a free contest open to all site members. The owners decided to give something away. It was their choice how or who to give it to. If they randomly liked the name Ron, it was their choice. Random can have any number of connotations.
People like you, the sore loser whiners make it increasingly difficult for anyone want to have some fun and give things away. People like you stop sites from holding contest; it’s just not worth the flack.
I m sorry some of you didn’t win, but there can only be one winner. So suck it up and keep trying. However, If I was giving a contest and I chose a person who whines and makes demands on free give always, I would probably randomly loose their name.
So, congrats Ron and good luck to us all in the next one.

Yolanda Villa

Good grief, I can’t believe your grousing! James shouldn’t have had to answer your first query, as he said the winner would be selected randomly in the original contest post, but for you to repeat your complaint after he did reassure you that the winner was indeed selected randomely, is beyond the pale!

Contgratulations Ron! I think it’s great that you won, and I’m sure that the vast majority of us do too. And thanks James and Kevin, for this site and your generous gifts of time and efforts that benefit so many. Please don’t be discouraged by the rare disgruntled posts of a few!


Come on. im just giving my comments here… Everybody is entitled to his own opinion. Besides, many of you thinks that “I HAVE A POINT”.

I also have to raise the issue that RON should be disqualified in the first place. JK said only correct answers should be accepted but see his comment GUYS. He even said 4 years when in fact JKOTR is only 3 years old. AND YES he did corrected his mistakes and said it was a TYPO error. But rules are rules. YOU CANT SAY I DID A MISTAKE WHEN YOU ALREADY SAUBMITTED YOUR ENTRY. Corrections should not be allowed and SHOULD have been considered WRONG ANSWER.

I am just saying its unfair to others. I strongly believe RON should not be the winner and new winner should be proclaim. JK, im sorry but i think its unfair…

Thanks.. and sorry for those who cant accept my views..

I will ask RON the same question stated by another person “RON, how do you feel about my comment?” personally, dont you think its unfair?.. D


JK… I would suggest next time its better you make a short video when selecting the winner.

Anyways, more power to you and im looking forward to the next geekapalooza…

James Kendrick

We put all the winning entries in a pool and then grabbed one at random. We decided to handle the contests this way because when we awarded the first correct entry in the early contests we got complaints from those outside the US that the posts were in the middle of the night for them. It seems we can’t please everyone with this and that is unfortunate. We put a lot of time and effort in the site and these contests and we know no matter what we do there will be those who are unhappy. Everyone can’t be winners and that’s pretty much all I will say about this. Note that we are one of the few sites who do not restrict entrants to the US only. The first contest winner was in fact in the UK.

chris aylar

Congrats RON. But how do you feel with the comment???

Erwin, you are right he has a point….

Mike, you are also right.. Let’s try on the other contest….

Erwin Bacalla

You are right Patrick… But he has a point….

Anyways, congrats to the real winner…


Maybe he’ll go away and increase my chances on the next contest :)

Now do I get the Q1P or see what Matt thinks of the Q1U and then I hear there is a new R2H on the way. Honey get the credit card!


we love you too :)
Yay! congrats Ron.


I DONT THINK THE WINNER OF THE GEEKAPALOOZA #5 was randomly selected. I checked HIS ENTRY and found out that his entry is different from the others…

RON PENDLETON entry is the “BIRTHDAY STORY”. Well i know he deserves the credit for having a very unique entry. BUT I DIDNT KNOW that its one of the criteria for selecting the winner. Was this just a COINCIDENCE or not!! Tell me guys…. I dont think so…

I guess that is unfair to all the other entries. We are all good followers of JKOTR and I love the blog BUT it seems that JK is not fair in selecting the winners. PLEASE EXPLAIN… This is just unfair……. and I dont think its just a mere coincidence.


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