Bebo, Wall Strip, Feedburner – who is getting bought out?


Which of the three rumored deals – CBS-WallStrip, Bebo-Yahoo or Google-Feedburner – will come true? Take the poll. If you think two out of three are going to happen, let us know your pick (in comments of course.)



The feedburner + google deal makes the most sense.
I am not convinced that bebo is worth 1 billion. But, yahoo may want it to counter google’s offering (and also microsofts soapbox).

Ken Berger

Bebo, Wallstrip, and Feedburner are doing a mashup and the combo will get bought by “An Unidentified Party” for $7.82Billion.

Derek Anderson

the Wallstrip buyout has been bumped from $5 million to $50 million. (CBS is afraid that MSNBC was planning a counter bid)

Google should buy Feedburner. It’s a very valuable property with a lot of ad potential.(I don’t think it’s worth $1.65 billion but then, I’m not a multi billionaire either)

…what’s bebo?


When a small company is bought by a big company, there may be some inertia in the initial stages but beneficial in the long term. I am waiting for placing ads in my feeds.

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