This Week in Copyfighting

The key revocation system that was supposed to permanently keep the AACS protection scheme relevant may not be effective after all — the new keys have been cracked even before updated HD-DVDs hit store shelves. [ArsTechnica]

Gizmodo -- Video WarsA Gizmodo feature predicts a future of non-stop format wars as physical video media is eventually abandoned. Of course, without DRM, interoperability becomes basically a non-issue. [Gizmodo]

The DMCA puts the onus on rightsholders to police sites, meaning that content providers have to provide the meatware filters that Google is so loathe to employ. [BusinessWeek]

The French aren’t so blasé about copyrights after all, with Canal Plus taking Kewego to court over copyrighted clips — though Dailymotion is still a go-to site for unauthorized streams. [Variety]

In Poland, police raided homes and detained six people on suspicion of creating unauthorized subtitles (“fansubs”) for copyrighted content. [BoingBoing]

P2P user Chan Nai-ming has lost his appeal in Hong Kong courts, and will spend three months in jail for illegal file sharing. [Variety]

RIAA, MPAA, Viacom, Microsoft and Disney among others have formed the “Copyright Alliance” to lobby American lawmakers for stricter laws and enforcement for copyrights. [ZDNet]

Torrentfreak publishes two interviews with players on “The Scene,” the international content distribution darknet. [Torrentfreak, Torrentfreak]