Ask a Ninja: Now Powered by Castfire


The book writing, Webby award-winning Ask a Ninja has launched a new player, featuring a campaign for The dynamically inserted ad clips are powered by Castfire’s video and audio CMS tool, with segments promoting’s site and Ask a Ninja’s online store.

The move makes Ask a Ninja the latest popular internet show to depart Revver, following Ze Frank and, recently, Invisible Engine. (Update: Revver contacted us to point out that both Ask a Ninja and Invisible Engine videos are still available on their site.)

Team Ninja has been vocal in promoting a strong domain presence for online creators. And Castfire allows for everything to be branded Ninja, right down to the media deeplink URLs which are fed through an domain. “I really believe that our client’s brands are most important,” said Castfire CEO Brian Walsh in an IM interview Friday.

Users who click the ad and enter “Ninjuice” will be treated to an easter egg.

The pace of development, and business development, has certainly kept up at Castfire since I profiled their software in February. Walsh tells us the company has also signed NFL’s Atlanta Falcons and Next New Networks, set to launch within in the coming months.

Walsh says Castfire was brought in by FM Publishing, which is brokering the advertising for Ask a Ninja (and also sells advertising on the GigaOm network, which includes NewTeeVee).



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Jim Spence

It was such a boring Friday today and I found your site about inja: Now Powered by Castfire « NewTeeVee. Where did you find that one?


Hmm … Who doesn’t love ask a ninja? Who does’t love castview? The word is good to us all.


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Jhon SEO Smith

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Jhon SEO Smith

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Kent Nichols

I’ve been impressed with Brian and the crew over at Castfire. They’ve been really responsive to our needs and creative in solving all issues.

Their system is the slickest I’ve seen in terms of inventory and ad management.

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