IPhone Gains FCC Approval

The FCC has approved Apple’s upcoming iPhone, which is due for launch in June. The FCC confirms what we knew, but adds that the phone will operate in the 1900MHz and 850MHz frequency bands — which means it won’t work in Europe, reports IDG. Apple has plans to launch the iPhone in Europe so the decision to prevent the phone working in Europe probably has something to do Apple’s desire to maintain full control of the distribution process — although it could be something to do with the iTunes store and geographic boundaries on selling songs, but I doubt it. The problem is that iPhone users won’t be able to use the device to roam in Europe. (UPDATE: I’ve been informed that the FCC only tests the bands used in the US, so the handset could have them after all.) The FCC has also agreed to keep some documents private at Apple’s request, including “documents that include photos of the phone or the phone’s user manual for 45 days after certification”, and “diagrams, a schematic of the radio, the radio bill of materials, and operational descriptions” to remain private indefinitely.


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