Eisner On 90-Sec Episodes

Former Disney CEO Michael Eisner has plans for Prom Queen, the series of 90-second episodes his new company Vuguru is delivering over some online video stores and Verizon’s Vcast service. “When the run is over — these aren’t definite plans yet, but we’re talking about it — we’ll sell a downloadable full movie, because when the thing is done it’ll be about two hours,” he said in Sign On San Diego. It would be a different style of movie — the small-screen format means there’s a lot of close-ups and dialogue is essential, whereas there isn’t much room for visualisation. Eisner describes it as “sort of halfway between radio and video”.

The next series Vuguru will put out will have 7-minute episodes. “Will people watch on cell phones for seven minutes? I hope so. We’ll try it,” he said. He talks about content making the platform, and to a large extent he’s got a point — just as the first TV shows were effectively radio with a camera, the industry is still finding out what works in mobile video.