Would you give up integrated WiFi for WWAN?



I’ve had the Q1P cracked open about five times today and a thought crossed my mind: would you consider swapping out the integrated WiFi radio for a EV-DO WWAN radio? You can always add WWAN by tethering a phone via USB; likewise you could add WiFi through a USB dongle…..just curious which you find more useful or desired.



Since I have a PC Card slot in my TC1100 my Sprint card stays there all the time. If I had the ability to replace the WiFi card on my miniPCI slot with an EV-DO card I’d still do it.

When I needed access to WiFi I can always pull out the PC Card and use that for connections. I really don’t like using public WiFi spots. Like swimming in public pools, you never know what’s in the water ;-)


I agree with Isbeller… I would make the trade. Particularly since I have Verizon and Cingular and I am always using one of the USB modems to stay connected, even in the car.


Absolutely! With all of my traveling, I am just not near free wifi enough. I am ready to give my Q1P back and get a P1610 so I can have constant HSDPA.


I agree with the comments above. I would never give up Wifi. IMO that should be standard. I would give up the space the CF slot takes up though.

Northern Rebel

I’m in the same mind as ThoughtFix… I love having EVDO but wouldn’t trade my Wi-Fi for it. Tethering to my MotoQ is easy with bluetooth (or USB) so I don’t mind caring a second device, especially one I carry even if I don’t have my TPC.


Never. There are times I have a great deal of data to transfer between my home server and UMPC. There are also situations where I have data that I cannot allow out over public radio channels.

I’d sooner tether to my EVDO phone. I don’t care if I lose some bandwidth from Bluetooth or if I have to attach over USB. It’s worth it for the flexibility, speed, and security of my data at home.


Most definitely I’d switch. I pretty much keep my Sprint EV-DO PC Card connected 24/7 as it is. It would be easier, and less of a worry, to not have the PC Card sticking out the side of my TC1100. This is the main reason I haven’t gone to the newer USB EV-DO rev a card.

It’s really kind of pain to switch back and forth based on when I’m in a Hot Spot so I just leave it connected all the time.

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