Ultrawideband for Windows Mobile demonstrated


Wirelessusblogo_2Hey, now THIS might eventually make up for the removal of WiFi synchronization in ActiveSync! Alereon is demonstrating their Ultrawideband or UWB on a Windows Mobile device at WinHEC using a modified Samsung i730. UWB is like the wireless equivalent of speedy USB 2.0, which has a maximum throughput of 480 Mbps. Not that we need that kind of speed for synching a handheld or anything, but it would be nice to lose the USB cord or cradle. Alereon offers a solution in their Alereon AL4000 Certified Wireless USB chipset, which could actually be integrated in a number of consumer electronics devices.

One quick related note if you miss the WiFi synchronization and connect to an Exchange server with your Windows Mobile device: you can use WiFi to synch to that Exchange server, which is my little way of getting around the omission of WiFi in ActiveSync.

(via Windows for Devices)

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