My Fujitsu P1610 is now fast- hard drive upgrade on the way!


If you’ve been following my quest to get the Fujitsu P1610 running Vista as fast and efficient as it ran XP you know that I’ve done a few things to make that happen.  First up was killing the dreaded Vista disk thrashing, followed by getting the battery life back to XP levels.  I am happy to report that my day yesterday showed a total success on all fronts, with battery life back to pre-Vista levels and snappy performance all around.

B_universalKevin’s success at upgrading the memory in his Samsung Q1P to 2 GB sent me off on a quest to find a 2 GB microDIMM for the Fuji, but that has not been successful.  I can’t find anyone that sells a 2 GB microDIMM but I will keep an eye out for one.  One upgrade that I think will add to my performance improvements is a hard drive upgrade, and I have a new drive on the way.  The P1610 currently has an 80 GB 1.8" ATA drive running at 4200 rpm, a very slow drive.  It’s almost full so I went to my favorite online notebook drive shop, Drive Solutions, and ordered a 120 GB drive running at 5400 rpm.  Drive Solutions had a 100 GB drive that spins at 7200 rpm but I optedfor the larger capacity and a speed kinder on battery life.  I am excited at the prospect of having 50% more drive capacity and a faster drive.  I will detail the upgrade process when I get the drive but for now here’s what I’ve done to get ready for the drive swap. 

I went online and downloaded the latest version of Acronis True Image which works with Vista.  After installing the software I used it to create a boot DVD that I can use to boot the Fuji and rebuild the new drive.  After creating that I used it to clone my Fujitsu drive to an external Seagate USB drive which took about 2 hours.  Once I swap the new drive into the Fujitsu I will reverse the process and clone the USB drive to the internal Fuji drive and I should be right back where I started, but with a faster, bigger hard drive.  Woot!


Frankie Benson

Has anyone found a 2 gig ram upgrade suitable for the p1610 yet, or a faster hd other than ssd? Thanks

mike schmidt

I’m looking to upgrade the drive in my P1510D to 60 MEG. What characteristics do I need to look for? From the manual I believe its a 1.8″ IDE and ATA 100. ANy other critical characteristics to look for? I’d like to get one off of Ebay but need to make sure what I order will work.


Alan Barker

I am purchasing a P1610 in the next week, and leaning towards a 512/30 for $$ savings, then getting a Kingston 1GB ram for $200, and a 120GB drive for about $100, much cheaper than OEM. I would like info from anyone with either upgrade; the hard drive should be a p-ATA 1.8″ but Drive Solutions was unsure about the exact specs needed to work with the P1610.
Thanks in advance! Alan

Kevin C. Tofel

Calvin, I held that drive a few weeks ago and spoke with SanDisk. The exact release date isn’t set yet, but will be before the end of the year.

Calvin Bradshaw

I too am thinking of going 32GB SSD on my Lifebook P1610 … has anyone done this yet?
I love the 1610, the only thing that bugs me is Vista’s disk thrashing episodes and the poor performance when I load up a number of apps. I have benchmarked (using PC Wizard 2007) the 1610 against my trusty old DELL D410, and it is the disk and video that are seemingly the bottlenecks, and 32Gb is enough for me given the other benefits of SSD.
Has anyone installed the MCBOE32G8APR-0XA00 in a 1610 yet? Does it work?

Kevin C. Tofel

Dave, no question there’s a benefit for SSD, but just 32 GB isn’t quite enough. Today’s news that Samsung is mass producing 64 GB SSD drives though…that might be doable!

Steve New

Just received the drive-it is a 2.5 inch. A quick phone call to Drive Solutions and they are sending me the UPS label to return it. No problem. I think they may be surprised at how many of these drives they’ll be taking back.


Is anyone going to try to switch to a SSD? I just got my p1610 two days ago to replace a p1510d after getting tired of waiting for the SSD model to be available.

Stephen Feger

Yeah, I was wondering the same thing. I didn’t think that there were 5400 RPM, much less 7200 RPM HDDs that fit in a P1610.

I hope they have a liberal return policy….

I did seem some mention of 5400 RPM 1.8″ HDDs at a couple of websites, but none were in stock and the prices were all around $280-$300. They were Axiom branded. But I have not idea if they are compatible or not.

Richard L.

That drive is listed as an upgrade for the P1510D on that site. Maybe the P1510 took a 2.5″ drive. Also, I think that 1.8″ drives are 8mm in height.


There are no 1.8″ drives that are faster than 4200 rpm so they took you to it by mistake, I’d ask for refund of shipping and free return label so you don’t have to pay a penny for their mistake.
While there are 120GB 1.8″ from Samsung coming out I believe they are still 4200 rpm.
Also on Newegg. 40GB 1.8″ 4200rpm is $110 so that tells you 1.8″ 120GB 5400rpm $95 is just a dream. :(


Drive Solutions is a great place to purchase a HDD. They are right around the corner from where I work. A class act.

James Kendrick

Here’s the specs from Drive Solutions:

* Includes: Bare Hard Drive Only
* Capacity: 120.0 GB
* Interface: ATA/100
* RPM: 5400 RPM
* Height: 9.5mm
* Screw Hole Pattern: New
* Avg Seek Time: 12.5MS
* Buffer Speed: 8MB Cache
* Warranty: 3 Year Warranty
This doesn’t say 1.8″ anywhere, although something on their site drew me to this drive as a 1.8″ drive. It will arrive today so I’ll see if it is in fact 1.8″, but my suspicions are now that it is in fact a 2.5″ drive and will not work in the Fuji. :(

Evan Easton

X2 what JD said. I was startled and though, “wow a 120gb 1.8 inch drive?!” Time to upgrade my TK i7210. It looks like it’s not really a 1.8″ drive though.


Kevin, the Hitachi HDD at 7200 has a power consumption about the same than any other 5400 RPM. I’m using one in my eo and have compared with the battery life tests of other with 5400 RPM and I can confirm that.


I’d like to know that, too. In theory, it should, as the LE1600 has a 1.8″ drive as well. However, doesn’t list the 120GB/5400rpm in its 1,8″ category and I don’t think a 2.5″ drive fits into the LE1600. Is that “universal” drive 2.5″ or 1.8″?? (Or both?)



So would that Hard Drive fit in my LE1600….


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