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Improve Your Video, Watch Indy Mogul

Can’t afford a team of digital animators to create special effects for your online video project? Don’t have the necessary permits to fire weapons on set? Is your movie good, but could it possibly be better with, say, a scene where the hero escapes from his nemesis on the wings of a bitchin’ jet pack? Then you need to check out Backyard FX from Indy Mogul.

The newest project out of New York-based New New Networks, Indy Mogul was announced earlier this week. It’s kind of like MAKE magazine, but geared toward the independent filmmaking set.

Erik Beck throws together ingenious (and eminently cheap) solutions for various special effects, starting with jet packs. He’s also contributed a short video essay on editing and shot selection for Make Internet TV.

Productions like Galacticast and Invisible Engine prove that while good writing can get you places, a great visual gag can put you over the top. So pump that shotgun action, and start shootin’.

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