Author Jerry Pournelle loves his ThinkPad Tablet PC

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Jerry Pournelle is one of my favorite authors ever.  I love all of his science fiction books, especially those he has co-authored with Larry Niven.  Jerry also wrote the Chaos Manor column for Byte Magazine and I followed it religiously for years, never realizing at the time that I would one day be doing something quite similar.  His real world commentary about technology and gadgets was the high point of each issue of Byte.

What does this have to do with jkOnTheRun?  Reader Al Karel pointed me to Pournelle’s Chaos Manor weblog and one of the first things I see is how Jerry discovered that this X60 Tablet PC is the perfect way to write and edit while sitting in a doctor’s waiting room.

First I read through a couple of chapters I did last week. NaturallyI wanted to fiddle with the text, so I tried the tablet features.Voila! Everything worked perfectly. If I write carefully, Vista Tabletrecognizes my handwriting amazingly well. I can insert words, changewords, and it’s almost like doing it in pen and ink on a printedmanuscript. Then I came to the end of the text. I thought of asentence, and began writing it. That worked. I did another.

By the time we were ready to leave I had written about 500 words, and edited two chapters.

He needs to get himself a copy of Ink Gestures for the editing stuff.  Maybe if he sees this video review of it he’ll see the other light.  :)

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Don't Panic!

Maybe now that he’s inking he’ll put out out more Codiminium Future History e-books. This bundle from Baen includes all 9 books in that series (two co-authored with Larry Niven) for $21. I like Baen because as long as you have an internet browser you can read your books anywhere so Tablet PCs, UMPCs, and Pocket PCs are all great platforms to read this stuff.

James how about trying Fallen Angels from the Baen Free Library on that Nokia Internet dealie you’ve been using? Fallen Angels is available free here;

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