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Q1P with 2 GB: quick benchmark test


Just a quick screencap with results of CrystalMark on the Q1P with 2 GB of memory. I don’t believe that comparing it to my recent Q1P benchmarks with 1 GB (score: 14873) is an apples to apples because while the unit is the same aside from the memory module, I’ve rebuilt the machine since then, i.e.: it’s configured differently. Ideally, the best test would be to run CrystalMark with 2 GB of RAM, which I’ve done above, and then swap the 1 GB module back for another test. Regardless, I wanted to share this little bit of data for now….testing still underway. So far, I’m very happy with the upgrade.

6 Responses to “Q1P with 2 GB: quick benchmark test”

  1. Brian T

    I purchased the G.SKILL 2GB 200-Pin SODIMM from for $140.00 and plugged it into my Q1P with Factory Installed Vista and got the following numbers in the Vista Performance Center:

    Processor: 2.4
    Memory: 3.4
    Graphics: 1.9
    Gaming Graphics: 1.0
    Primary Hard Disk: 3.4

    I unfortunately didn’t do this when I had the factory installed 1GB memory in so I can’t compare (but will swap things back out if enough people want to see the comparative scores).

  2. Good point Robert; I likely had Notebook Hardware Control constraining the processor in the last test. When I run the 1 GB vs. 2 GB tests, I’ll be optimizing all settings for max performance and the only difference will be which SODIMM is in the machine. Thanks for the catch!

  3. Robert

    Well, one big difference is that the older score was with the CPU running at 600MHz, and the updated score is with the CPU running at 1GHz….

  4. Patrick

    From a glance, there are improvements everywhere except for D2D, which stayed about the same. The interesting thing was the HD score went up too…well they always say that more RAM is good :)

  5. Your previous score was to low, your unit should have scored 19000 to 20000. Mine scores 18500. But the important number here is the MEM, now you are scoring 3187 while then you scored 2556.

    Could you post Vista Score now for your memory?