Battery life in XP: 4 hours. Same battery in Vista: 3.5 hours.


Fujitsu_umpc_2The topic du jour appears to be Vista’s impact on battery live and just so folks don’t feel the issue is constrained to us in the blogosphere, I had to point out this quote from PC World. The magazine took a look at the new Fujitsu UMPC, the FMV-U8240, and provides their first impressions. Buried towards the bottom of the article is this quote:

"Using the standard battery the machine will run 4 hours on Windows XP and 3.5 hours on Windows Vista."

There’s no indication if that statement comes from hands on testing or from Fujitsu at this point. I believe that it would have to come from a Fujitsu source as opposed to a PC World test, simply because the device was just announced. While PC World potentially could have had an advance review unit, the rest of the article has no real benchmarks or test results, so I’m thinking the statement was provided by Fujitsu; would love for someone in the know to comment and clarify. Meanwhile, if you’re running Vista on a notebook or UMPC, be sure to check out the freeware app Vista Battery Saver.



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Mark Lambert

Don’t drop in a misleading statement as a last word after a thread is long dead. Aero is an option that can be turned off. The other posters are dead on in their analysis that it is a functionality for battery life trade off and that Vista can be tweaked down to match XP if you are willing to give up functionality.

Your post is incorrect and shouldnt stand as the last word on this, so I apologize for “waking” a dead thread.

Jim Danes

The reason Vista drains battery is that they use the 3D accelerator on the desktop for the aero skin.

Functionality is not an issue. Even if Vista finishes indexing, it will remain a poor performer for mobile computing. So it’s best to ask your dealer to provide your laptop with XP installed.

White Rabbit

Vista and XP are very different beasts. There are various reasons to why battery life can be diminished in Windows Vista. First would be the automatic indexing existing on Vista which allows for the quick search functions. The indexing service powers up the hard drive and continues to index files after the computer is idle. Under Windows XP, the indexing service remains dormant which makes for poor indexing and long file searches. If you pop Copernic on Windows XP, you get the same search function (possibly better) but you will still lose some battery life due to the HDD spinning up for indexing. Vista at the very core of the system can have similar battery life but you would sacrifice functionality for battery power.

Mickey Segal

It is not meaningful to compare “XP” and “Vista” without specifying the power settings in Vista and the use of Aero and Sidebar. With battery-saving settings in Vista and with no Aero or Sidebar I don’t see any difference using a Motion LS800 in Vista from what I remember under XP, with similar attempts to conserve battery power.

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