Skype for Mac gets upgraded to v.2.6

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I’ve been running the beta version of 2.6 for about a month with nary a hiccup, but it’s always good to upgrade to the public release when available. Skype announced the newest Mac version today along with official support for their new ‘call transfer’ feature, which could be used for good or evil, I suppose. Don’t worry Skype contacts, I won’t blind transfer Skype calls to you as a prank. One few minor but annoying Skype for Mac item that James and I noticed since purchasing MacBook Pros: no support for groups of contacts. Maybe we’ll see that next time around?

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Mickey Segal

The call transfer feature sounds useful. This makes it possible to have a function Skype name that could be directed to a particular individual, without that individual having to keep open more than one instance of Skype to also receive other calls.

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