Screencast: Using TagBot to Tag Your Files

I’ve written at great length about using Metadata to keep track of your files, even going so far as an alternative to folder hierarchies. But amongst the barriers to entry is the difficulty in actually tagging those files and subsequently keeping track of those tags that are being used.

While there are a number of pieces of software that work toward this functionality, I tend to be picky and have only suggested a small handful. Amongst those is a relatively new offering from Big Robot, called TagBot (which just got a bump to a 1.1 release). Today’s screencast covers the simplicity this app offers to fulfill all your tagging needs.

A TagBot Walkthrough (mov)
6mins / 24mb

An item I forgot to mention in the screencast, is TagBot’s ability to tag Address Book entries as well as Safari Bookmarks. Tagging’s not just for files anymore!


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