InformationWeek: we get the Origami concept now


My personal hats off to David DeJean from InformationWeek. Covering WinHEC opened his eyes to the Origami concept in a post he titled "OK, So I Was Wrong About Origami". The whole article is worth reading because the new devices in the pipeline have him saying this:

"The hardware is simply adorable, and, as WinHEC has proved, Microsofthas continued to work on Origami. It wasn’t Microsoft that got Origamiwrong a year ago, it was us in the computer press. We thought Origamiwas a product. It wasn’t. Origami was Microsoft’s take on what devicessmaller than notebook PCs and larger than cellphones might look like."

Welcome the Origami ‘fold’ David; glad you could join us!



Prodigal sons! I’d still keep an eye on them once you let them back into the fold, Kevin…


Maybe it’s just me, but in reading the article, it seems like he spent the whole time bashing UMPCs, bashing Microsoft, and even getting his info wrong, since there have been a lot more than a few UMPCs released, and not just recently. Also, the S-Xgen isn’t a UMPC in any sense of the word, it’s a Windows Mobile PDA with a keyboard and a cellular transceiver. On top of that, saying that Having Vista standfard on UMPCs would be a big victory for Microsoft is like saying having Vista be the standard for PCs. There aren’t any big competitors, so getting the device to run the next iteration of windows is far from a “big win.” This just seems like another idiot journalist talking out his rear on a subject he knows little to nothing about. I mean, come on, he discounts 7 inch screens because “there are some interesting devices with 5 inch screens” wtf?

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