Fujitsu UMPC details emerge


Fujitsu_umpcHot on the heals of the photos of the Fujitsu UMPC at WinHEC, UMPC Portal has some specs for what is shaping up to be a very interesting device.  I noticed in the photos at Tablet PC2 that the screen looked to be smaller than 7" which looks to be a correct observation with the LCD being listed as 5.6".  I don’t know what the native resolution of the screen will be but it might be too small for 1024 x 600 as some of the newer UMPCs are going to run.  The small screen size means the device is smaller than UMPCs like the HTC Shift and the Samsung Ultra so we’ll have to wait and see how that impacts the usefulness of such a small keyboard.  Other specs:

  • OS:Windows Vista Business
  • Platform: Intel Ultra Mobile platform 2007
  • Processor: Intel processor A110 (CPU: 800MHz)
  • North Bridge: Intel 945GU Express Chipset
  • South Bridge: Intel ICH7U I/O Controller Hub
  • LCD 5.6"
  • Communication: Wireless LAN
  • Security: Fingerprint sensor
  • Input Device: QWERTY keyboard, Touch Panel, Stick Point

This is looking very interesting and I can’t wait to get my hands on one.  It looks like a shrunken P1610 after all.



kamikun, actually if you look at the pictures the keys for switching between input mode are still there (in green letters) but there are no Japanese letters written on the keys.


PJE – I think the reason for some of the “non-critical” keys is that the Japanese release has to have a number of them to allow for all 53 Japanese “letters” (hiragana) to be fitted to the standard keyboard. Even though most Japanese spell out their typing phonetically in Romaji (Roman letters) everyone still expects the option of typing in straight Japanese too.
So, for the keyboards to be the same in both the West and in Japan, you’re going to need those keys. If you want a visual of what I’m trying to say, take a look at these shots
I’m sure the same is true of the Korean release. Hangul has about the same number of “syllabics” as Japanese.


Looks like this is gonna be the first mainstream release of a UMPC for the Japanese market. Check out the notice here .
There are two prices listed; one for a 512M and one for a 1G RAM configuration, 14,400 and 16,400 yen. About $1200 and $1360 US.


Looks like a nice device.

Why can’t manufacturers standardize on a new reduced size keyboard. I look at the keyboard on this device and see that a complete column of keys could be removed (resulting in wider keys for the remainder) if some of the non-critical punctuation were added to the letter keys with an option select key).

For this to work however there would need to be a standard layout to aid switching between devices.

Just a thought…

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