ESPN MVP Launches App on Verizon Wireless; Mirroring The MobileESPN Apps


This was announced in February, and is launching now: Verizon Wireless is launching ESPN MVP on its service, in a multi-year exclusive deal….it will have news, scores and more; bunch of features can be customized. VZW will offer the service free to customers who pay $15 a month to subscribe to its VPak service, which includes its existing VCast video clip offerings. For now, ESPN MVP is initially available on the LG ChocolateTM, the LG VX8300, LG VX8600, the Motorola RAZR V3c and V3m and MOTOKRZR K1m, and will roll out on others later.

ESPN’s EVP Salil Mehta explained the Verizon deal to our exec editor Staci D Kramer back in February. Will ESPN be more successful this time? Well, depends on their marketing…they have the channels to make a big push for it. I hope they have their act together this time.

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