Ebay Blogs And MyWorld Launched

eBay recently extended blogs and community (My World) features to India, reports exchange4media. The eBay.in blogs page is the same as that for ebay.com, and it’s the same with My World. Blogs and MyWorld are linked to from the community page, and not from the main page.
eBay blogs will allow community members to, well, blog, while a MyWorld page will allow them to create a single page for all the information on them, including snippets from blog posts, customer feedback, images and biography. Here’s a post one game vendor put up for a “hanuman mask“, and here are some posts from a gemstone seller. The idea seems to be right, but perhaps a bit too verbose, and copy-pasted. Maybe eBay ought to have mailed some kind of a tutorial to members, like Naukri did for their Recruiter Blogs. Not everything needs to be a sales pitch. How does eBay intend to benefit from this?