20,000 Joost Invites for GigaOM Readers


All right folks, the last time we offered up Joost invites – 10,000 of them in the last round and a total of 32,000 so far – they got all snatched up in a couple of days with most of you asking for more, leaving your emails. So we got more Joost Juice for you. No need to leave your emails or anything else. Go to this website, click, enter your information and get your Joost on. Now all we ask you is that you send us a virtual hug, and if you got a blog, then spread the word. After all, this is the least we can do for you.



Please send me an invitation !!!!!
gavinmcphay [at] hotmail [dot] com


Thanks a lot for the joost invite. though i dont have a blog of mine, i will make sure that my friends spread the word through their blogs and forums.
A big fan of Giga OM :-)



Hi there i would like a invite :) … and lots & lots of virtual hugs


Hey Om,

this is great and thanks a lot! I received 243 invite requests based on my post about Joost and invited all of them manually, now I can refer them to your page :-)

And I gotta say that I’m a big fan of Joost and set up my TV at home with Joost last weekend, works great. Free legal on demand television.

Cheers, Frederik


Making of tv future today, thanks for giving a chance of participating


i need an invitation for joost what can i do?
pls help me


/me send you a big virtual hug,

ps: the page drop at least 5 internal error before it sent the invitation.


Thanks for continuing to get these invites out. I have wanted to try Joost for awhile and now I have a chance.


Thanks for the invite and a great virtual abrazo!!!.

lev polvoi

Ahh thanks man. I’ve wanted to try joost for quite a while and I have a chance.

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