You can have an iPhone when we tell you you can have one

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Iphone_in_handThe Boy Genius Report has gotten his hands on an internal ATT&T memo that puts the kibosh on pre-selling the iPhone before it’s released.  According to the memo ATT&T employees are not to start waiting lists either, it’s first come first served only after the iPhone is actually released, which is supposed to be some time in June. 

Here are the high points from the memo:

  • "iPhone will be available sometime in June. The exact date has notbeen announced, specific dates should not be provided to customers.
  • Sales for the iPhone will be on a first come, first served basis.No wait list of names will be taken and NO pre-selling is allowed.
  • Two models of the iPhone will be available, a 4GB will retail at$499 and have an 8GB will retail at $599. If asked what the price willbe, answer that the prices have been announced as $499 for the 4G, and$599 for the 8G, respectively. There should NOT be any additionalspeculation/discussion about pricing."

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Wow, a rare leaked memo that enforces *ethical* behavior. Don’t fabricate a release date, don’t sell what we don’t have, and don’t lie about pricing. It’s good to see, but unfortunate that some of their employees need such a reminder.

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