Who will it be?




Melinda will win. Blake has stayed in thanks to his other talents and personal charm, but his voice is simply not strong enough. Jordin is good, but Melinda has been overwhelmingly consistent in delivering great performances. Not that it matters. All three of them are bound for the recording studio.


It’s got to be Jordin. I actually have not watched Idol; I just saw bits of the show before the beginning of House most weeks. I accidentally saw a bit of one of the first Idol shows for this season, and I saw Jordin sing, and just thought to myself that she should win. I’m surprised and not surprised that she’s one of the final 3. I think she has great talent, but given all of the silliness with Sanjaya and other vote gaming, I thought perhaps she would be voted off for no good reason during the course of the show. It’s awesome that she hasn’t been voted off yet. :) Go, Jordin!


Jordin …. Since the beginning I’ve been waiting for her to win! (I’ve got proof)

She’s the whole package and she can be sold. Melinda is an incredible talent but I think her target audience is too small whereas Jordin has the ability to bridge multiple age groups – I just see her selling more records and therefore a more likely candidate for the win.

Bob Russell

I just started watching Idol this year, and I’m hooked. A lot of fun, but only on videotape (or Tivo if you are lucky)… way too many commercials to watch it live straight through!

Anyway, I pick Jordan.

I think Melinda (funny, all this time I thought it was Belinda) is the best singer. Obviously a pro voice, but she doesn’t have the personality coming through in a lot of her songs even though it would if you closed your eyes.

I think Jordan will win because she’s amazing and has tremendous upward potential as a pop star, and I think she can manage an audience better.

Blake has a big following, but I think I’m from another generation and just don’t care as much for his music.


Oh, I thought it was about some contest I had unwittingly entered. I don’t watch American Idol.

Tax Man

The best thing about American Idol is that I discovered “House”. I love that show! As for the question you asked, go Jordin!

Jamie Poster

MELINDA! (imagine that inked instead of typed)

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