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Inside MoveOn.org: it is a poster child for virtual companies. Its staff is entirely distributed. It holds no scheduled meetings. And when it decided to gather for a retreat, it did so virtually. MoveOn co-founder Wes Boyd shares his organization’s approach to its virtual operation, including how they held a six-hour virtual corporate retreat on the phone. Continue reading.

Online Video is not a crime: OK, creative types, time to crank up the volume and craft an HTML bumper sticker like the old skateboarding ones, saying this time: Online video is NOT a crime. Of course, you’d never know that by reading the headlines, where online video is under attack from the U.S. Attorney General (who apparently wants to make even thinking about online video a crime.) Continue reading.

First million is the hardest: TrustedPlaces founder tells his story of raising the first million dollars for his start-up, and what others can learn from Sokratis Papafloratos’ experience. Continue Reading.

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