Refurbished Sony UX make for affordable gadgets


jkOnTheRun reader Hector Gomez has pointed to some refurbished UMPCs at Clearance Club which might be just the ticket for those on a budget.  I just went to the web site and they have a lot of the Sony UX models with integrated WWAN for prices as low as $1099.  I don’t know much about Clearance Club so if anyone has comments to share with the group that would be great.



Chris K

Clearance Club offered $940 for a UX280P with 1GB RAM. It’s in my grubby paws, and it was absolutely worth it.

Soren Tirfing is another option. I just bought a refurb UX180 for $800. Ubid is anauction site so the price will be different for each batch of machines they put up.

My only affiliation with Ubid is that of a happy repeat customer.


Actually it’s $999.95 for the UX180p which as 512MB RAM, and $1,129.95 for the UX280p, doubles the RAM to 1GB. Still a steal…


You can pick up Refurbed UX series for $980 from Outlet store or from

Joe T.

I bought a refurb Sony Clie TH55 PDA from Clearance Club about 2 years ago, and had no problems with the transaction. The PDA looked new, and the PDA’s protective plastic flip cover, which usually gets scratched easily, had the original Sony sticker and was pristine. The PDA’s battery, however, didn’t last as long as a new battery would have, so they probably didn’t replace it.

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