NTV Moneymaker: Current TV Editor

“Al Gore’s Television Network,” Current TV, is still hanging out in the upper reaches of your digital cable or satellite listings and soliciting content from viewers like you online. It’s kind of an OldTeeVee meets NewTeeVee mashup, and is shooting for that golden 18- to 35-year-old demographic who are so desperately underserved with content these days.

Current TV

Besides paying independent creators for the exclusive rights to their content, they’re also hiring full time professionals. With about a third of Current’s programming coming from submissions, that leaves two thirds of the schedule that needs to be filled.

Current’s job listings include everything from web developers to a new media veep. In terms of programming and production work, the company is looking for all sorts of positions related to its viewer-created content efforts (“VC2″). One position that caught my eye was Content Editor, which in their words means you would “get paid to watch Current TV!” That’s certainly one way to boost viewership.

The job requirements include reading blogs, browsing YouTube and otherwise cool-hunting for the latest hotness online and in Current’s library of short form “pods” and viewer created ads. For those with more production experience, there are also listings for an Associate Producer, Editor/Producer and something called a Hybrid Marketer.

So tart up your MySpace page, practice forming sentences with “synergy” and “viral” in them, and send them your resume.

NTV Moneymaker is an irregular feature in which we showcase a way to make a living with your video skills.

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