MySpace Does Premium Video


In an effort to monetize its sprawling social network, MySpace has been deploying a lot of for-pay services and ramping up its advertising efforts. The company today announced its latest plan – offering branded video content to MySpacers.

The company has launched a new section within MySpace Video featuring premium content – lets call them – branded channels – featuring video content from National Geographic, The New York Times, Reuters, The Daily Reel, Expert Village, Flow, FOX’s IGN Entertainment, Octane TV, Kush TV, Ripe TV, VBS tv, and Young Hollywood.

All branded channels will live inside MySpace Video and will contain varying video content offered by each respective partner. In response to user demand, the initial set of MySpace Video branded channels focuses on the categories of news and lifestyle. I bet the Animation Show channel, LX.TV (nightlife etc.), Ripe TV, Octane TV and Flow:, and Young Hollywood get the most attention.

MySpace is getting pretty serious about video and. It recently launched Mark Burnett’s new political reality show, INDEPENDENT, and is also promoting Michael Eisner’s Prom Queen. Now that said – how many of you actually watch MySpace videos?


Alaskan Carnivore

This is all fine and dandy…. But Houston, we still have a problem.. still does not work on any Vista machine…!!

MS BTW is bragging that 40 million copies of the OS already gone out the door.. So, all of them as well as I STILL can not see any shows such as 24, Bones etc..! We just get a redirect get this little nag screen

I’m simply stunned that this is not news here or anywhere else.. Everyone is stovepiping it.. LOL!

Anyway, do we just wait for SP1 ? Does anyone on this forum have the answer? Are you watching this My guess is yes. Since they told FOX to go take a hike last week..


i’d love to see a poll about how many watch myspace vid compared to other sites. I actively avoid myspace vid, and myspace altogether. i would imagine most of the readers here do the same.

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