New MacBooks don’t fall far from the MacBook Pro tree



If you were holding off on an Apple MacBook purchase, you’ll be happy to know your wait just paid off a little. The Apple store is currently down for updates as I write this, but when it re-opens you’ll see some new fruit on the ol’ Apple tree: the MacBook line got a refresh.

The choices are truly black and white for everyone: two models in white and one in black. Prices stand at $1,099, $1,299 and $1,499 respectively while the upgrades boost the processor, wireless bandwidth, memory and storage capacity options. Yup, that means Intel Core 2 Duos at 2.0- or 2.16 GHz, 1 GB of memory standard, integrated 802.11n support and the option to bump your hard drive up to 160- or 200-GB of capacity. No mention of rumored LED backlit displays in the press release (bummer!); with upgrades like these, what do you think the MacBook Pro line will get next time around, Santa-Rosa perhaps? At this point, the new MacBooks are approaching the capabilities of their larger siblings…

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