GBM Hugo Ortega OQO 02 video is live


Hugo Ortega is my kind of guy.  When he first gave a tease about the OQO Model 02 he has received he made the bold statement that he’s going to use it as his primary computer for a few months.  I quickly set him straight that he wouldn’t be the first one to do that as I used a Sony U for over a year.  Hugo has just posted a 40 minute video of the OQO on GottaBeMobile and knowing Hugo this will be a real winner.  Go get it now.  Gotta go watch it myself.  :)




That’s what I like about the OQO 2 : active digitizer! We want more of these on UMPCs, if only manufacturers would listen. The Lenovo Tablet has both a touchsreen and an active digitizer. So really, how hard could it be to oufit UMPCs with some pen love… A UMPC like the HTC Shift with an active digitizer would be a real winner and a TRUE “Shift”.

Mike Cane

Damn you people and your vids!!

I’m 13 minutes into it and must bail — just after the incredible revelation that ANY Wacom pen will work with the 02 and that it’s best to get the cheapest model which will still allow one to enjoy a touchscreen!


If this was all in PRINT — or at least an OUTLINE of the highpoints in print — I’d have the bloody INFO at least.

Now I have to try to watch the rest tomorrow.


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