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Camera Lights (No) Action… Moto

Update: Moto’s superbrilliant answer to the RAZR? Uh, another RAZR . . . RAZR 2. Jesus. Wonder how long were they working on that followup — a lot longer than the 5 seconds we spent when we jokingly referred to a RAZR 2.0 in the morning post. Though, it does have some nice features. The “media monster” is also the Z8. Exhale sigh of disappointment.

From earlier: Motorola’s CEO Ed Zander is set to show off new cell phones on Tuesday, likely including the “media monster” that he briefly mentioned last week. Do they need an iPhone killer, a RAZR 2.0, or just a compelling mobile device? We’d pencil in ‘D’ for all of the above.

One of the devices will likely be a movie-playing — 30-frames per second — device with removable storage cards which can hold feature length films. Om and I met with Motorola CTO Padmasree Warrior last week and she said the company had been in Hollywood the week before striking deals with movie studios like Universal (more interview details from Om later on).

Placing a bet on feature-length films and long form mobile video content, seems like a pretty clear shot at Apple’s iPhone and iPod franchise, as well as Nokia’s recent emphasis on the high-end multi media converged mobile device. But how can a recently beleagured Moto top the iPhone buzz — even Roy is planning on getting one.

Even worse for Moto, Nokia said yesterday that its market share will rise in the second quarter, pushing its stock up, and widening the gap between the two. And by now everyone’s heard the Carl Icahn (failed for now) saga and Ed Zander’s struggles.

Barron’s even wonders if Nortel’s CEO (and former contender for Moto CEO) Mike Zafirovski would have been a better fit to fight this battle. Ouch. Listen to Zander himself at 10AM eastern for the company’s ‘big’ announcement.

4 Responses to “Camera Lights (No) Action… Moto”

  1. Jacomo

    Until Moto realizes that the future of Wireless handhelds is dual mode (WiFi/Cell) converged devices they will continue their slide.
    Watch as these new Metro Area Wireless Mesh Networks with some planned 3rd generation enhancements (new 802.11n 5Ghz radios for the Backhaul and 2.4Ghz for Access) totally dominate the local metro broadband space pushing the Cell Carriers to the suburbs and rural markets with their Narrowband services.


  2. I am really getting tired of companies trying to hype rehashed products. I am imagining the pre show meeting Ed and his staff had thinking what words to use to not make it sound like a repeat. I bet you Ed will be gone by the end of Q4.

    Moto is a great company that deserves more…….

  3. Odoro-san

    The Z8 is cool though. The best UI of any Moto phone. If only it ships some time… There are also rumors that there is another similar one in the pipeline with a more respectable camera.