Simple tip for multi-select in Vista using a stylus or touchscreen

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Having problems trying to multi-select files in Vista using only a stylus or a touchscreen? Don’t dust off that keyboard just for use of the Ctrl key, check to make sure that a very specific Folder option is enabled and you’ll be just fine with your digital pen or finger. Lora Heiny provides the details on this simple little tip to help you beat the multi-select blues on a Vista slate. If that doesn’t work for you, perhaps you have a free hardware button that you can program for use as a Ctrl key. Plan B is to hope that your selections are displayed in the order that you want so you can just drag and select ’em all, but that’s just wishful thinking, right? ;)

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Peter Norman

That’s cool! Thank-you!

Is there a way to achieve the same thing in Outlook 2007’s Inbox? Or is it really obvious and I’m just missing it? Coz that’s happened once or twice. Ha!!

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