Hands on with the Q1U: round two


Q1ultra_press4Since I still haven’t found a day to drive up to New York City and back, I’m relying on other folks to hit up the Samsung Experience. We’ve heard from Mike Cane on the new Q1U and today I happened across another early hands-on account. This one is from Alex, who we profiled in January when he started his blog that focused on what UMPC he should get. He eventually settled on the Q1P, but he recently decided to give the Q1U a once-over. He loved the form factor, but first impressions on performance were average at best. Bear in mind, we don’t know the configuration settings of the display machine, so it’s highly unlikely to be optimized.

Alex pointed out one item that I was really curious about because I was concerned when I heard the specifications of the integrated cameras; well, the front one in particular. The camera for video conferencing is just .3-Megapixels as opposed to the 1.3-Megapixel camera on the back of the unit. Alex indicated that the res and pics were sub-par, but we’ll have to see how the units truly perform when optimized and tweaked. For me, the camera isn’t a compelling factor, but I’m curious, how many potential Q1U owners plan to use one or both the cams on a regular basis?



Just wondering if turning off the Vista-bling will fix the slowness issue…after the novelty wore off, I turned almost all of it off on my laptop, and its been quicker as a result.

Mike Cane

>>>I wonder if going back to XP would solve these issues.

You’re not the only one wondering that. If I were to go for the Q1U, I’d want XP on it. But that’s mainly because I use a lot of XP apps and have little confidence about Vista compatibility right now.


So a number of reviews are trickling in from the public; what I’m dying to know is what retailers will have these first? Even with the slow issues, I want one soon. I wonder if going back to XP would solve these issues.


Kevin, Thanks for highlighting my review. I just want to clarify that I did not intend to convey the device is slow. My only impression after literally using it for a few minutes was it seemed slow at opening up a few programs that I tried to open. It would be irresponsible for me to state a device is slow after only using it for a few minutes and not knowing how the device was configured. What I was able to determine in a few minutes was the WOW feeling of its look and feel. While the WOW feeling of high power and fast speeds did not reach me during those few minutes doesn’t mean the device can’t WOW me in that regard. I look forward to more rigorous testing of the device.

Thanks again! Alex

Kevin C. Tofel

Perhaps; it’s looking that way to a degree, but there is the gain in battery life, which will appeal to different users with different needs. Just because a machine is ‘slow’ doesn’t mean it’s not a good device for some folks. I tend to want more processing power just as you do. Matt Miller, on the other hand, is constantly traveling the country for work, so he’s sold his Q1 and is considering a Q1U. Different people = different needs = different devices.

Stephen Feger

I’m not terribly surprised at the low quality of pictures. After all, anyone who has/had a Treo 600 knows what a poor quality a .3 MP camera is and anyone with a Treo 700P or 700w/x knows what a 1.3 MP camera is.

The real question to me will be this… Considering that the initial comments on the ultra are focusing on the slow speed of the processor, how functionally useful will these cameras be if they are intended for use in videoconferencing? VC is usually pretty CPU intensive. If they can absorb that higher processing load, then this will be an impressive feature. Not because the picture quality is amazing, but because it works reasonably well. If the processor can’t handle it, then few if any will care how good the picture quality is because most will be able to take at least as good a picture with their cellular phones.

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