Hands on with the Q1U: round two

Q1ultra_press4Since I still haven’t found a day to drive up to New York City and back, I’m relying on other folks to hit up the Samsung Experience. We’ve heard from Mike Cane on the new Q1U and today I happened across another early hands-on account. This one is from Alex, who we profiled in January when he started his blog that focused on what UMPC he should get. He eventually settled on the Q1P, but he recently decided to give the Q1U a once-over. He loved the form factor, but first impressions on performance were average at best. Bear in mind, we don’t know the configuration settings of the display machine, so it’s highly unlikely to be optimized.

Alex pointed out one item that I was really curious about because I was concerned when I heard the specifications of the integrated cameras; well, the front one in particular. The camera for video conferencing is just .3-Megapixels as opposed to the 1.3-Megapixel camera on the back of the unit. Alex indicated that the res and pics were sub-par, but we’ll have to see how the units truly perform when optimized and tweaked. For me, the camera isn’t a compelling factor, but I’m curious, how many potential Q1U owners plan to use one or both the cams on a regular basis?


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