Flexible color E-Ink display announced by LG Philips



Mediocre monochrome? Not for LG Philips: yesterday, the company announced a flexible E-Ink display that’s capable of displaying up to 4,096 colors on a 14.1-inch sized component. The viewing angle is a full-180-degrees and according to the press release, "images always appear crisp, even when the display is bent." Like other E-Ink products, the display only uses power when changing the image or text: once rendered, the screen uses no power, making this technology very appealing for mobile devices. 14.1-inches isn’t exactly small for mobility, but LG Philips makes it up on the thickness: the display is less than 300-micrometers thin!

(via Akihabara News)



Hehe very soon we’ll get wallpapers (I mean the type found on your room walls) that will display your TV and computer images AND your choice of forest/beach/meadow/lunar/younameit surrounding; acompanying sound and smelling generating devices optional, but highly recommended.


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