More People Going Mobile Only, Nokia Expects To Grow Marketshare


A Federal survey of 13,056 US households from June through December last year found that an increasing number of people are choosing to go with only a mobile phone, reports AP. “Overall, the portion of adults with only cell phones grew by more than 2 percentage points in the latter half of last year to nearly 12 percent, an expansion rate that began in the first part of 2006 and was double earlier rates of growth…One in four people aged 18 to 24 had only cell phones, as did 29 percent of those aged 25 to 29, the study showed. The percentages declined with age after that, with 2 percent of those 65 or over having only cell phones.”

Nokia is optimistic about its chances in the market. It has indicated it expects its share of the global handset market to grow in the second quarter rather than remain steady at 36 percent, as it had previously indicated, notes AP. It didn’t give any specific figures for the growth, though.

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