Discovery Mobile Launches 14 Mobile Video Series

Discovery Mobile has announced 14 original made-for-mobile video clip series, starting this month and premiering throughout 2007. The channel is currently on Sprint, Amp’d, MobiTV, SmartVideo and Modeo (although Modeo isn’t commercial yet, of course). Four of the series will focus on attaining environmentally friendly lifestyles as part of Discovery’s PlanetGreen initiative.
The channels:
What are the odds?, 26 3-minute episodes which will reveal the odds of occurrences such as discovering life on other planets, finding treasure etc.
Earth Grooves, 6 4-minute episodes of music and visuals from nature. Produced by Christopher Wojcik.
TLC’s Life Essentials, 10 3-minute episodes providing tips for 30-somethings. Produced by Label Entertainment.
Hidden Garages, 6 4-minute episodes focusing on a particular car from Mercedes Benz. Produced by Cry Havoc Productions.
Green Gadgets, 18 3-minute episodes covering new eco-friendly gadgets and technologies.
Greenspace, 8 episodes showing what “everyday folks” are doing to help the environment. Produced by TurnHere Productions.
Go Green, 8 3-minute episodes of “how-to” shorts for environmentally friendly living. Produced by Tumbleweed Entertainment.
Living Tomorrow, 15 3-minute episodes showcasing technology available in the next 5-10 years. Produced by Reel Stuff Entertainment.
Animal Crackers, 26 2-minute episodes looking at the origon of phrases. Produced by Ellis Vision.
Strange Scienec, 26 3-minute episodes looking at strange and unexplained phenomena. Repurposed from Discovery’s archive.
Twist the Throttle, 36 4-minute episodes about motorcycling.
Exit Here, 26 3-minute episodes of travel destinations. Produced by TurnHere Productions.
Jaws & Claws, 10 5-minute episodes looking at dangerous animals. Reproduced from the archive.
Top Marques, 33 4-minute episodes covering exclusive automobile brands. Produced by Cry Havoc productions.